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  About Sand Trays

Sand Trays:
Wooden sand trays are available in a DRY or a WET version. Wet trays are coated with epoxy, for use with and are water resistant.  Dimensions are 29" long, 21" wide and 4.5" deep. This approximates the Jungian standard while still allowing for economical shipping. Prices are for Premium pine construction.
Dry Tray $175    
Wet Tray

Stands are available in a STANDARD 19" height suitable for most situations with children or seated clients. It makes the working height of the tray 24".  A TALL stand measuring 29" is available for those who use trays standing, making the tray top 34" high.  Wheels, which are suggested, are available to allow stands to roll. The rollers lock and add 2.5" to the height. Stands require some assembly with bolts and an Allen wrench (included). 
Standard height $150.    
Tall (specify height)   160.    
Set of four locking rollers

Tops: Tops are 1/2 inch birch plywood..

Top (round)

Top (rectangle)




Most therapists have a combination of trays, stands, and tops.
Prices for complete packages are:
Dry Tray with Stand and Top $375.
Dry Tray with Stand, Rollers and Top $425.
Wet Tray with Stand, Rollers and Top $455.
is the the best value offered, our top seller, and designed for those starting out on a budget.

Round Trays:  
The individual round sand tray is 29" in diameter and 4.5" deep. It is also available with a top.
Round Tray, 29" (wet) $300.  
Top for round tray    55.
Round Tray (dry) $270
Stand for Round Tray $160  

Round Group Trays:    
Round group trays are the same as round trays. Their large sizes allow multiple clients to use them in a group setting. Because of their size and weight, delivery is limited to our local N.M. area.
4 foot diameter tray $500.    
Fixed stand   250.    
Rolling stand   310.    


Shelves for miniatures are 29" tall, 21" wide and 4.25" deep, including 5 shelves. They come with attached wire hangers. They are often used in sets of 2 or more, in different configurations* to maximize use of space and miniature visibility. They are much superior to larger, deep book shelves.

*Please specify what height is needed between shelves.

Single unit shown: 21"wide, 29" high, 4.25" between shelves.

Shelving unit (single)  $165.    
Other Woods:    
Sand trays can be produced in virtually any wood, usually to compliment office decor. Oak, Birch, and Maple are priced below.
Call for prices on our mahogany, cherry, and other fine woods.
Dry tray $235.    
Wet tray   255.    
Stand   195.    



Aspen Sand Trays
George Ridgeway and Jan Pacifico

Snail Mail to:
PO Box 131
Tomé, NM 87060

Physical Address:
2938 Highway 47
Los Lunas, NM 87031

Orders and Customer Service: 505-866-0582 Office: 505-620-0976 (George's cell)

About the owners
George Ridgeway is a woodworker and craftsman. Jan Pacifico is an artist and gallery owner. They are carrying on the long tradition of Aspen Sand Trays

The SCHOOL COUNSELOR SPECIAL, at a discounted price of $360 is still offered.

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