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Aspen Sand Trays are designed specifically for therapists and sand tray work. The design is based upon the Jungian standard, sandtray literature, and preferences of users. Aesthetics, craftsmanship, and affordability continue to drive the construction process.

We have the most complete and most functional line of sand tray products around. We offer them at some of the lowest prices you will find.

  Our trays and accessories:

These sand trays are the most popular addition to our product line. Clients are drawn to them. Measuring 29” in diameter, they are appropriate for one or two clients.

We developed a way to shelve hundred’s of miniatures in a relatively small space with excellent visibility. The design allows a flexible configuration in your office setting.


Our sand trays approximate the Jungian standard while still allowing shipping. They are available in a dry and a wet version that is water resistant.


These are larger versions of the round tray. At 4 feet in diameter they can hold a small class.


Our stands are for the ease of the therapist. They make sand tray handling easy and allow flexibility in small spaces. Rollers make managing office space easier.


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Make sure you're dealing with Master Craftsman George Ridgeway
to fill your therapy needs in a professional manner.


Aspen Sand Trays New Mexico
Craftsmanship and Affordability. Serving Therapists since 1996



Aspen Sand Trays
George Ridgeway and Jan Pacifico

Snail Mail to:
PO Box 131
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Physical Address:
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Orders and Customer Service: 505-866-0582 Office: 505-620-0976 (George's cell)

The SCHOOL COUNSELOR SPECIAL, at a discounted price of $360 is still offered.

The most popular items are now carried in inventory for quicker shipping.

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