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  About Sand Trays


Sand Tray Therapy 
Sand tray and sand play therapies are becoming increasingly popular. Their use is encouraged by availability of training and demonstrated efficacy. Many who work with children consider these to be therapies of choice. Other clients who experiences difficulty with verbal expression also benefit from these techniques.


Some therapists have relied upon friends to build sand trays. Others have reverted to ”Rubbermaid” containers or industrial vats. Aspen Sand Trays are constructed of wood, an aesthetically pleasing, warm, natural material. As a non-industrial, non-consumer product, a wooden sand tray lacks association with storage containers, cat boxes, and chemical trays.


Aspen Sand Trays are designed specifically for therapists and sand tray work. The design is based upon the Jungian standard, sand tray literature, and preferences of users. Aesthetics, craftsmanship, and affordability continue to drive the construction process. Users have inspired all the NEW items incorporated into the product line.

Sand Trays

Aspen Sand trays are constructed of wood. The corners of the trays are mitered, splined and glued.  They are strong and durable. Blue tray bottoms on wet trays are sealed in several coats of epoxy and are water resistant. A durable polyurethane finish is applied to outside surfaces. Dimensions approximate the Jungian standard, while still allowing for shipping. 

Components are designed as a system allowing flexibility of configuration and usage. Tops are suggested when limiting access to a tray is needed. They are made of 1/2" birch plywood. Stands are appropriate in most applications because they make handling, moving and presenting trays easier. The stands are available with locking furniture rollers which allow easy movement of heavy sand filled trays. They are available in two heights, one for sitting and one for standing.  Shipped stands require some assembly, with instructions provided.

are specifically designed to maximize the display of miniatures. Each unit has 5 shelves. Because of their size, they fit in even the smallest office and can be configured in a number of different ways. They hold hundreds of miniatures at a child's eye level.  The "Refrigerator"  is our largest set of shelves.  It has been constructed to meet therapists specific requirements.  Because of its size, it is currently limited to local delivery.

Round Trays are available in individual and group sizes. Individual trays measure 29 inches in diameter. You won't be able to keep clients out of them. There is also a stand specifically designed for the round tray. The 4 foot round group tray is popular in schools. It is available with fixed or rolling stands. Because of its size and weight it is limited to local delivery.



Aspen Sand Trays
George Ridgeway and Jan Pacifico

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About the owners
George Ridgeway is a woodworker and craftsman. Jan Pacifico is an artist and gallery owner. They are carrying on the long tradition of Aspen Sand Trays

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